GRI’s Pragathi Academy for Manufacturing Excellence

GRI’s Pragathi Program was set up with the intent of attaining the accomplishment of consistent and comprehensive Manufacturing Excellence. The program was instilled in 2015 and has successfully contributed towards increased efficiency in manufacturing systems; the Pragathi Program effectively brought about a productivity increased of 10%, an increased in quality assurance by 6.4% and a 0.9% decrease in rejected output. The Program further aided in the development of GRI’s employees, communicating world class behavioral attributes backed with an exceptional set of skills that have fast tracked and systematize GRI’s growth.

The 7th June 2018 marked a milestone for GRI as its first batch of 30 employees successfully graduated from its Pragathi Academy.

The Pragathi Academy stemmed from the Pragathi Program with the aspiration of extensively training and developing GRI’s future leaders in an effective manner that will prove to generate value to the operational performance and practicality of the manufacturing facility, thereby not only benefitting the output process of the factory but also establishing considerable merit to all employees allocated to the Program by their respective Head of Department.

The Pragathi program educates all employees on the importance of implementing LEAN practices to their day-to-day operations. Effective fact based problem-solving approaches are also of significant focus in the program, in order to ensure that the graduates are fully equipped to resolve to any precarious real-life situations. On-the-floor practices are conducted to assess productivity and performance, this study allows for in-depth analysis on all machines on the floor area, the employees are expected to comprehend any machine deficiencies and highlight the detected problems to the maintenance team; this successfully results in decreased down time on all machines, ensures that the safety of all employees are of utmost importance and allows for the achievement of manufacturing targets.

All graduates are accredited with a certification from GRI, highlighting their performance and the successful completion of the course on Manufacturing Excellence.