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We deliver high-grade specialty tires that are built sustainably using pure natural rubber at our advanced production plants in Sri Lanka.

About GRI

We believe that
farmers who nourish the world,
construction workers who build for the next generation, and
forklift operators who move material to supply our needs,
are noble.

GRI produces high-grade specialty tires that are built sustainably using pure natural rubber in Sri Lanka. Founded in 2002, the company produces material handling solid tires, radial agriculture tires, and construction tires. GRI has operations in nine countries, and a business presence in more than 50 countries worldwide. Since 2018, GRI has been advancing in the rapid expansion of its specialty tire production plants and tire compound mixing facilities in Sri Lanka as well as its operations in key countries. GRI ensures its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection throughout its operations both locally and globally. GRI is driven by a vision to move humanity towards making a positive impact on our planet. GRI strives to be a global leader in specialty tires with sustainability as a core guiding principle. For two decades, we have been on an exponential growth journey that has continuously focused on high quality, rapid innovation, environmental sustainability, and customer focus. We are committed to green leadership and therefore, focused on driving sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and product innovation. We strive to nurture and protect the earth in all aspects of what we do. We work hard on building trusted partnerships, a compelling product portfolio and adding value to our customers.

Having built a strong reputation in Material Handling solid tires since 2002, GRI has grown its business verticals across Agriculture and Construction tires since 2018. We are a global, multi-national company with a team of over 1,400 people spread across 17 nationalities. Sri Lanka is
one of the world’s best natural rubber producing countries owing to its unique geographical location, ideal climatic conditions, and rich soil composition. This distinctive natural rubber ensures exceptional quality in our products and is used in all GRI’s high-grade specialty tires. Our commitment to quality starts with the careful selection of the finest raw materials all the way to the finished product that leaves our production plants destined to customers across the world. We deliver high-grade specialty tires, that are built sustainably using pure natural rubber at our advanced production plants in Sri Lanka. We believe that farmers who nourish the world, construction workers who build for the next generation and forklift operators who move material are noble. We live and work to enhance their lives.

Our Milestones

Launched over 200 new specialty tires within 2 years in the new production plant
Acquired the NORTIRE Group in Northern Europe and AXIS Tires Group in Australia.
Inaugurated an Advanced Specialty Tire production plant in Sri Lanka.
Laid foundation for a new specialty tire factory and launched GLOBESTAR Wide Tread solid tire range.
Launched a portfolio of pneumatic Specialty Tires.
Opened Distribution & Service Centre in Melbourne, Australia.
Opened Distribution & Service Centre in Brisbane, Australia.
Automation of production line and expansion of the engineering facility.
Launched PEAKMASTER – Premium brand solid tires and opened sales offices in Netherlands & Germany.
Commissioned 2 manufacturing plant - Capacity of 400,000 tires per year.
Launched ULTIMATE XT – Premium Plus brand solid tires and – Value brand solid tire range.
Opened sales offices in USA & France.
Produced GLOBESTAR – Universal brand solid tire range.
Commissioned 1st Industrial Solid Tire manufacturing plant - Facility of 175,000 sq. ft.


From farms to warehouses to construction sites and ports; GRI offers high-performance specialty tires that have exceeded customer expectations. GRI produces tires for specialty applications that operate under diverse conditions. We use our deep industry expertise to produce high-grade tires.

GRI tires are designed, developed and manufactured at one of the most advanced production plants in Sri Lanka that are equipped with state of art manufacturing units and efficient operating procedures. GRI’s commitment to sustainability is evident through our 1.2-Megawatt solar panels on the plant rooftop, biomass boilers and fully recyclable waste and water management systems. Our new production plant is a testament to the pioneering spirit and values embodied by all at GRI. Our core values are evident in every aspect of the company.

We strive to inspire courage and greatness in everything we do and everyone we interact with. And we build lifelong relationships with our customers and suppliers. GRI utilizes premium quality pure natural rubber from Sri Lanka, which ranks amongst the top five natural rubber product nations in the world. We also use other advanced raw material components to produce high-grade specialty tires.

Business today is complex, ambiguous and uncertain. To help you advance and attain your goals, you need something that is completely the opposite. GRI tires are robustly engineered and relentlessly tested to give you assured performance, so you can get a grip on things that really matter to you. Whatever your ambition, GRI will get you there.

Our Values


Everything we do is meaningful, deliberate and decisive.

Customer Centric

We strive to understand customer needs and create a positive experience.


We never give up in our drive to excel.


We strive to be ahead, always thinking of the future.


We are driven with energy and emotion to be ambitious.


We stand by our word, values and principles.


We care about everyone and everything we do.

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