Our Tires

Our Tires

High quality raw materials and advanced natural rubber compounds form the base of our specialized range of solid and pneumatic industrial tires for Material Handling, Agriculture, Industrial, Construction and Off the Road (OTR) applications.


In our Solid tire range, we manufacture different types of Solid Resilient Tires (SRT) and Press on Band Tires (POB) to suit different customer requirements. GRI produces Solid tires for Forklifts, Shipping Ports, Airport Equipment, Skid Steer Machines and Excavators.


In our Pneumatic tire range, we have a wide range of premium tires for Agriculture, Industrial, Construction, Material Handling and OTR applications, such as tires for Tractor (F2, R1, R2), Implement (I-1), Compactor (C1, R3), Excavator (E2), Flotation, Forklift, Loader & Grader (L2, G2), Dump Truck (E3, E4), Industrial Tractor (F3, R4), Mining (E4, L5), Port Equipment, Skid Steer and Irrigation.

For shipping ports we produce solid rubber tires for port trailers, bomb cart trailers, RoRo trailers and drawbar trailers, skeletal trailers, bonded trailers and spreader trailers. For airports we build tires for baggage carts, baggage tractors, push back tractors, non-powered transporters, dollies and passenger boarding bridge systems.


GRI tires are engineered to provide optimum tire life while reducing costly downtime. Our tires have excellent resistance to abrasion, wear, cuts and chunking with superior heating heat dissipation qualities. Good tire flexibility, deflection and traction help towards improved handling characteristics and driver comfort. Our natural rubber compounds, as well as our tires, are tested rigorously to optimize performance


GRI solid tires and wheels are produced to conform within guidelines of load carrying capacity, geometry and design to meet the requirements of the ETRTO (European Tire & Rim Technical Organization). Our solid tires are also REACH compliant as required by the European Union.


We have application specific products such as heavy duty premium tires for severe operating conditions and standard tires for general use.  As a global specialty tire supplier our strength is in high quality, responsiveness and reliability.