Tire Guide – Solid Tires

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Tire Application Guide

Maximum load, speed and distance. ETRTO recommend that speeds for forklift trucks do not exceed 25 Kmph, with a maximum travel distance of 2 Kms at that maximum speed.


Tire Maintenance Guide

The Tire Maintenance Guide aims to help customers’ maximum tire life and minimize downtime. The best way this can be achieved is through regular professional tire management and planned maintenance. Industrial tires are highly durable products. Damage and failure are most often caused by external factors such as:

  • Load capacity: Overloaded tires will fail due to separation caused by rapid temperature build up, radial cracks, etc.
  • External factors:
    • Impact damage caused by forcible contact with pallets, rails, pot holes etc.
    • Fast acceleration and harsh braking together with driving distances in excess of industry guidelines that lead to irregular wear and heat buildup.
    • Poor ground conditions can cause chipping and chunking of the tire.
    • Improper tire fitment will result in tire spin, vibration, and excess heat buildup in the bead area.


Product Guide

  • Solid Resilient Tires: Three categories-
    • Black tires: Performance characteristic of these tires are in terms of good traction, low rolling resistance, low heat buildup, optimum tread life and full load carrying capacity.
    • Non Marking tires: Performance is the same as black tires and used in applications and industries such as food and beverage, optical equipment, paint production, pharmaceutical industries and other government approved industries.
    • Antistatic tires: This compound is used in high risk and flammable operating environments such as explosives or ammunition stores where there is a constant risk of fire or explosion.
  • Press on Band tires: For certain forklifts in an extensive range of smooth and tread pattern options. Available in Black and Non Marking tires.



When to use Solid Tires?
Solid rubber tires are an alternative to pneumatic tires. They are the same, except that they are solid rather than filled with air. They will not burst, deflate or go flat like pneumatic tires. They are also known as “no puncture tires”. They are very long lasting. Solid tires are great for indoor use or outdoor use.

Why use a Non-Marking type solid tire?
Non-Marking tires are made to not make black marks on the floors. These tires are used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc. and other government approved industries.

What solid tire is suitable for extremely hard usage?
ULTIMATE XT is ideally suited for extremely hard use. ULTIMATE XT is a Premium Plus tire, rigorously tested, very advanced, three-stage tire which allows for high loads to be carried over longer distance at higher speeds providing a very comfortable ride. It also has a special tread with higher abrasion resistance. ULTIMATE XT is ideal for three shift operations.

What brand will meet very demanding solid tire usage?
PEAKMASTER is a Premium three-stage solid tire, perfectly suited for very demanding solid tire usage. PEAKMASTER has special natural rubber compound formula that provides higher tensile strength, comfort and a longer tire life.

What solid tire is developed for regular material handling usage?
GLOBESTAR has been designed and developed for all regular material handling activities. GLOBESTAR is a standard three-stage tire offering a special tread with a formulated soft center core providing a soft ride while reducing driver fatigue.

What brand is designed for normal usage?
The PERFORMER is a two-stage tire designed to meet current market and cost demands. The PERFORMER offers good Value for light and intermittent use in all single-shift forklift applications.