Environmental Aspects

About GRI

GRI maintains an environmental friendly manufacturing process. It is a method facilitated to a great extent through our ‘dry’ manufacturing process, which enables solid tire manufacturing without any emission of gases into the atmosphere or any liquid effluent disposal issues.

Noise and dust level compliance within and outside the factory premises is achieved through strong self-regulatory steps and we meet all Central Environmental Authority (CEA) mandated requirements.

No toxic materials are used in the manufacturing process and to further our environmentally friendly manufacturing process, a biomass boiler is used for steam generation instead of a furnace oil boiler. Solid waste generated during the manufacturing process are completely recycled and reused.

Presidential Awards 2016 – GRI won the Special Overall Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development 2015

GRI is privileged and proud to announce that our company was presented the important Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development at the recently held Presidential Awards 2015 in Sri Lanka.
GRI won this award due to our steadfast commitment to protect our environment through our policies, processes, practices and products. The production plant of GRI generates energy through own sources by using Bio-Mass Steam Generation. This environmentally friendly system contributes to a high percentage of energy out of the total power consumption of the plant. GRI also uses recycled material in packaging, etc. Stringent guidelines are used for sustainability reporting. Our Management Systems comply with ISO 14001:2004 – the highest environmental standards. Waste rubber and tire scrap is exchanged with local reclaimed rubber producers for an end product equal to the value of the rubber scrap. All of these aspects of recycling, sustainability and environmentally friendly principles of GRI have helped us to win this prestigious award this year.