About GRI

About GRI

Company and Operations

GRI is a leading manufacturer of specialized tires for Material Handling, Industrial, Agriculture, Off the Road (OTR) and Construction vehicles.


GRI is based in Sri Lanka and has sales offices and warehouses in the United States, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia. GRI has been supplying tires to more than 50 countries worldwide since 2002. Our state of the art factories employ the latest technology and the highest quality norms to produce some of the finest tires in the industry.


GRI produces tires for forklifts, excavators, port trailers, airport equipment, construction vehicles, skid steer machines, OTR and agriculture equipment. GRI is the largest producer of solid excavator tires in the world, supplying to major OE manufacturers in Europe.


GRI tires are built with advanced natural rubber compounds and we benchmark our tires with the best in the world to optimize performance. We also have a progressive quality management system that ensures our tires are of supreme quality. Our premium tires perform brilliantly in the most severe operating environments and assure excellent comfort, elevated safety and longer lifetime.


A track record for high quality, pioneering initiatives and sound innovation have taken our brands to the top of a customer’s choice and made GRI a world-class company. GRI has created a high-value offer, won many awards for business excellence and grown rapidly to join the elite league of specialized tire producers.


GRI remains committed in its pursuit of excellence, producing some of the finest tires in the industry for its loyal customers and ensuring mutual business success.


Solid tires from GRI are used in all major forklifts such as Toyota, Kion Group Linde in Germany, Fenwick in France, Jungheinrich, Nissan, TCM, Mitsubishi, Hyster, Yale, Crown, Komatsu and all other major lift trucks. GRI supplies tires to original equipment (OE) excavator manufacturers Liebherr and Caterpillar in Europe.


GRI (Global Rubber Industries, Pvt. Ltd.) is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified. We are committed to protect and nurture our environment through our processes, practices and products.


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Global Reach

GRI has built a strong reputation as a high-quality producer of specialized tires. Our tires are well accepted for high-performance and highly appreciated for great value. GRI tires are used extensively in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Southeast Asia Pacific region.

GRI has established sales offices in the USA, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Australia. GRI Head office is based in Sri Lanka, and has a dealer network that covers all continents.